My Top 6 Guided Meditations On YouTube

My Top 6 Guided Meditations On YouTube

Anybody who is into meditation will know that YouTube is a gold mine for guided meditation videos.



My Top 6 Guided Meditations On YouTube

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Sometimes, life gets on top of us. We have work, school, and tons of other commitments which all seem to fill our day, leaving us without even a spare minute to ourselves.


It’s easy to think you don’t have time for meditation when you have so much going on throughout your day, but the truth is this: if you don’t have a spare moment to yourself, that’s when you really benefit most from meditation.

Tony Robbins says “If you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have a life” and it’s definitely true. He’s one of the busiest men on the planet, but he still takes ten minutes every morning to go through a process he calls ‘priming’ – a meditative ritual based on gratitude and his goals.

This is a great way to begin your day. You should never just hope that you end up having a good day… make sure you have a good day!

Not everybody needs to create their own meditation, though. There are a ton of free guided meditation videos on YouTube which are a mere 10 minutes long and they talk you through the entire process, leaving you in a calm, relaxed state and ready to go about your day with clarity.

Below, I’ve given you my top 6 guided meditations that I’ve found most useful throughout my years of practising. Enjoy!

Guided Meditation #1

Let’s start with a morning meditation. This is one which I’ll use first thing, to help me start my day the right way! It offers a great sense of positivity which really can lead to a perfect day!

Guided Meditation #2

This is a great meditation for anybody who wants to let go of their thoughts, clear their head and achieve true calmness. I have personally found that it’s best used around midday in order to stay calm and collected for the rest of the day. You can definitely use it whenever you like, though!

You can find a step-by-step guide to mindfulness meditation in this article that Ryan wrote!

Guided Meditation #3

This one is great for first thing in the morning, as it really sets the tone for the day and motivates you to get things done. I recommend this meditation for writers artists and musicians of all types as it definitely gets the creative juices flowing! You can also use it in the evening to help set the tone for the following day.

Guided Meditation #4

This is one of my favourite meditations to help recharge and re-energise. Best used in times of stress, it can really help to take some of the pressure off your mind and allow you to really stay in tune with yourself.

Guided Meditation #5

This is a great choice of guided meditation for anybody who is facing self-doubt. If you’re feeling anxious or nervous about something in your life, this meditation will give you a comforting sense of trust and faith.

Guided Meditation #6

This guided meditation is beautiful! It allows you to restore your mind and calm your senses. It’s a fantastic solution for anybody who is experiencing stress which, unfortunately, is the case for most of us!

And that’s it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my top 6 guided meditations on YouTube.

Perhaps you can go through them one by one and see which ones really work the best for you.

If you’re looking to take your meditation practice to the next level, I would recommend you check out the book 111 Morning Meditations: Create Your Day With Intention. It has a ton of meditations which all offer a variety of different benefits!

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Suzie x


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