My Top 5 Ways To Stay Motivated In The New Year!


Is your Number 1 New Years Resolution to lose weight, again


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Are you struggling to stay motivated in the New Year? Or does achieving the goal weight you want seem a million miles away with the extra pounds you have ‘accidentally’ gained over Christmas? Now I know exactly how you feel. You are not alone!

So rather than making resolutions which seem impossible, why not make resolution Number 2 “Do not give up on resolutions this year”! No but in all seriousness, I have made a short 5 point plan to help to ensure you are always able to work towards your fitness and weight goals. Remember, a list and a plan is the key to success!

1. Make a plan

I know this may sound obvious but you’d be surprised with how many people make a resolution to lose weight but do not think about how they will go about doing it – it’s key to stay motivated in the New Year. What you need to understand is exactly what you are sticking to, both diet and fitness. Break it down meal by meal, day by day and PREPARE!! (Check our article bulk cooking for weight loss if you need inspiration).

2. Keep a fitness tracker

Now I am not saying you need the latest state-of-the-art Fitbit however keeping an eye on anything from your daily steps (see iPhone ‘Health’ app for example) to what calories you are intaking each day is important to stay motivated in the New Year. Fitness trackers can also work great as daily diaries – this enables you to reflect on your day and track what you ate. Soon you’ll understand where you are slipping and what to look out for. Nip those bad habits in the bud!

3. Get out of a fitness rut

Always telling yourself you will work out after work but once you’re through the front door you cant quite peel yourself off of the sofa? I know I can’t! So instead of admitting defeat, make a booking into a gym class which you drive past on your way home (don’t forget to pack your gym kit in the morning!) or make the most of the hour everyone is still in bed and run around the block. I am a huge fan of working out in the morning, purely because I know if I didn’t, I wouldn’t do it at all. Work out exactly what works for you and your routine and you’ll find your way. No more sofa excuses!

4. Know your motivation

OK confession time. My major goal and girl crush is swimwear model Natasha Oakley. (If you haven’t checked her out, you so need to). I know that whenever I set her as my phone background I am already in a more serious mindset to reach my goals.

This being said, I do not want to say comparing yourself negatively to another and feel down about is the way to go. This is the importance of knowing what motivates you and setting short and long term goals this will make sure you are to stay motivated in the New Year. For example, my long term goal is to get abs like Natasha Oakley, to get there I know I my short term goals would be to work on my abdominals and to cut down my calorie intake. Maybe I would even go as far as giving myself a target of how many lbs I want to lose each month.

So maybe your motivation is a holiday, wedding or even to be skinnier than that mom everyone fancies! Whatever works for you. Set 1 long term goal, then give yourself monthly goals on how you’re planning to get there.

This then leads us onto the next point quite nicely when you smash your goals…

5. Celebrate your successes.

Yes, I’m talking about CHEAT DAYS! It is just as important to understand and reflect on your diet success’ than it is the failures. Now, Ryan has criticised me many a time of taking cheat days a little too far… so don’t go crazy or you will put yourself back a week. Maybe you’d rather monetise it and treat yourself to a £50 spa treatment after you reach a weight loss goal? Or if you’d rather treat yourself to your favourite dinner out as an excuse for date night or cocktails with the girls. But make sure you’re straight back onto it after that! Cheat weeks are not allowed.

Does losing the weight or to stay motivated in the New Year still feel very daunting? Need extra guidance with all aspects of the above? Then join me with starting our 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge this January! I swear by this plan Ryan created and I would love to share our progress together.


30-Day Weight Loss Challenge

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I have also created a Facebook page which I will be posting regularly on – need motivation  to stay motived in the New Year or advice then pop over there and join for a chat!

Happy New Year Guys!

Suzie x

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Hi everyone, I am Suzie! I'm one of the co founders of The Wellness Blog, along with Ryan. I am from a Fashion Buying background but since being diagnosed with arthritis in 2015 I have developed a strong passion for yoga and diet.

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