5 Ways To Kick Start Your Morning Workout

5 Ways To Kick Start Your Morning Workout

What, exercising in the morning?

5 Ways To Kick Start Your Morning Workout

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Yes I am serious, and no I am not mental. Although it takes dedication, setting your alarm clock that hour early to kick start your morning workout will quite literally give another hour to your day. No longer will evening plans be turned down due to working out, you will have a better work-life balance and will feel more excited for your day after getting your sweat on!

Here’s some reasons to kick start your morning workout as it really does have it’s benefits;

  • You never have to wait to use any equipment in the gym
  • You get it out of the way and don’t have the gym dread come 3pm
  • You feel invigorated and energised, ready to tackle the day ahead

OK but now for the how-to, because lets be honest, none of us want to see that 6AM alarm set to kick start your morning workout..

1. Gradually move up your work out time

So you’re usually an evening exerciser and the thought of being pulled from your dreams at 6AM to go kick start your morning work out in the gym isn’t exactly exciting you? Then try slowly bringing your workout time earlier in the day.

I know the 9-5 is the issue in my plan however this is a great one for the weekend. Always finding yourself getting ready for the day on a Saturday in your gym kick ready to kick start your morning workout but don’t actually get it done (if at all) until 4pm? Then try bringing it forward an hour or so every week. Book a class you wouldn’t normally for an hour earlier or organise a bike ride with a friend, you’ll find out week by week this strategy will make it much easier to brave at 6AM alarm to kick start your workout each morning.

2. Get enough sleep

I cannot stress this enough. Sleep is important. Not only will you feel more ready for the day after a restful night, you wont be craving food all day if you’re not hungry either.

Sleep is one of, if not the most important contributors to weight loss, so listen up if you’re working on 6 hours sleep as you read this! You will not be able to kick start your morning workout without it. Studies have shown that people who do not get enough rest burn half as much fat than people on the same diet and exercise routine as them, as well as proving tired people are more likely to binge throughout the day rather than stick to meals. Need I say more?

3. Be realistic with your targets

4AM alarms will work for no one (disclaimer: some people are crazy). So lets be realistic and ensure you know and plan your workout and therefore its length the night before. This way you’ll need to be up, out and ready within a certain time to be able to reach your goal rather than having all morning to kick start your morning work out. Because, no kick starting will be done.

4. Make a motivating workout playlist

I’m talking the big songs, anything which gets you moving in the kitchen when cooking will get you moving in the gym or outside. Music is proven to help lift your mood, distract and motivate you when working out – so make sure you’ve got a good playlist to kick start your morning workout ready.

5. Get yourself a workout buddy

If all of the above is failing to get you out of bed, then team up with someone and get them moving too! Not only will you have company but you’ll also be able to motivate each other to kick start your morning workout.

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