How To Bulk Cook Meals For Weight Loss

bulk cooking for weight loss

There’s nothing more annoying than getting home from work, sitting on the sofa and getting ready to put your feet up, only to realise that you still need to cook dinner.


bulk cooking for weight loss

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Now, this isn’t too big a deal for those of you who have a ton of spare time on your hands, but for us super busy people, it’s a pain in the backside!

It can also be detrimental to your efforts of sticking to a healthy diet, ruining your progress and throwing you off your health goals.

Whatever your goal, whether it be weight loss, muscle gain or even athletic performance… having a healthy, balanced diet and actually being able to stick to it will have a huge impact on your results and will drastically increase your chances of success.

The good news is, my friends, I have a solution for this problem… the solution is cooking your meals in bulk.

What is Bulk Cooking?

Bulk cooking is when you plan your meals ahead of time, prepare them all at once, and then refrigerate them. This way, they’re ready to simply reheat and eat whenever you like.

bulk cooking for weight lossIt saves SO much time. It usually takes me an hour to prepare all of my meals for the week, as opposed to spending an hour cooking every night.

This is amazing for anybody with children, especially all you full-time mothers who are also working a full-time job and want to spare up some time for your kids!

There are so many different options for bulk cooking regardless of your dietary requirements – paleo, low carb, vegan… the choice is yours!

It will also save you a ton of money because you’ll be making far fewer guilty trips to fast food joints at lunchtime. Your bank balance will definitely thank you for this!

In this article, I’m going to give you a couple of actionable tips which you can use straight away to start bulk cooking your meals and free up a massive amount of time during the week.

Step 1: Plan Your Meals Ahead Of Time

Take a few minutes to plan out your meals for the next 7 days. It doesn’t take long, but it saves you a hell of a lot of time.

bulk cooking for weight loss

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You can look all over the internet for quick and easy recipes. Or you can do what I do – browse through all my cookbooks!

I have a few cookbooks at home with lots of tasty recipes, with Jamie Oliver’s new one being my favourite. You can grab it here if you’d like – all of the recipes use less than 5 ingredients!

I try them out, and if I’m impressed with the meal, I simply put a sticky note at the top of the page so that I can easily access it next time!

This allows me to plan out a week’s worth of meals in about 5 minutes!

I would recommend trying to make sure your week’s worth of meals consists of 1-2 types of meat – this makes for easier cooking. It’s a bit of a nightmare if you’re trying to prepare 3-4 different types of meat all at the same time!

This also works perfectly for when you’re preparing your children’s packed lunches. Get yourself some Tupperware and you can do all of your kids’ food in one go.

Step 2: List All Of Your Ingredients And Go Shopping

Once you’ve planned out which meals you’d like for the week, just make a list of everything you need and get to the supermarket!

When you buy foods in bulk, they often work out cheaper gram-for-gram than when you buy a normal sized pack. I buy anywhere up to a month’s worth of food in one go, as it works out way cheaper. This works well for meat which I can freeze, and also tinned goods such as dried fruit or beans.

You’ll find that you save a ton of money this way as you only buy the ingredients you need, rather than grabbing whatever you lay your eyes on… it’s probably one of the best habits I’ve ever created.

Step 3: Set Aside Your Time To Cook

The idea of bulk cooking can intimidate some people, because it seems like there’s a lot of work involved or that it takes an entire afternoon of cooking.

bulk cooking for weight lossThe truth is, you can quite easily get your meals done in under two hours. I personally only need an hour, as I’m now familiar with which meals are the quickest and easiest to cook.

I would recommend that once you’ve been to the grocery store and bought all your ingredients, plan ahead and set the exact time you plan on bulk cooking all of your meals.

Then once you’ve got it in your schedule, hold yourself to it.

I prefer to do my cooking at around 4pm on a Sunday. This way, I can still allow myself a few hours to relax afterwards, rather than having to rush straight to bed.

The key to bulk cooking your meals is to give yourself plenty of time. If we feel as though we’re tight for time, it’s easy to put things off.

Step 4: COOK!

You’re now ready to start bulk cooking your meals and chasing those fitness goals like a pro.

This planning process makes the whole thing much simpler and easier to stick to, but now it’s time to put it into action!

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Make the decision today to respect your body and shift the extra pounds which are holding you back.

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