8 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for a Fitness Fanatic!

Last Minute Gift Ideas

So here we are, the middle of December and either you’re super efficient with your shopping all done, or you’re panic buying everyone’s presents online.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

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We know the feeling.

Therefore I thought it would be helpful to try to compile a list of gift ideas for a Fitness Fanatic because we all know how hard that is to shop for. Especially when they’re a woman. Especially if you’re a bloke! Whether she is a newly converted fitness lover or not I’m sure you will find something she’ll love on this list.

1. All weather running shoes

A dream for both serious runners or beginners, with this time of year bringing temperamental weather – give her a gift of no excuses with an all-purpose pair of these:

2. Dual-purpose jacket


Following on well from the above, a waterproof, high visibility jacket is also a necessity for any

outdoor activity. Try this one for a cheap option:

3. Nifty headphones

Now that wireless headphones are all the range, but you don’t want to break the bank on the really¬†expensive branded ones. Why not get these instead? Just as good sound quality for a fraction of the price!

4.  Bright leggings

A little trickier of a present if you are unsure of clothing size so proceed with caution, however, these gorgeous leggings will brighten up even the darkest of workouts!

5. Yoga mat

This is the Yoga accessory she didn’t know she needed that’s for sure! Such a stylish and easy to transport a cumbersome yoga mat around.

6. Foam roller

A fitness fanatics dream. Foam rollers are essential for conditioning the body after regular exercise so it should be at the top of the list of things you could grab.

7. Fitness tracker

Now we know these are expensive, but we also know these are really cool. Abling you to track calories, steps, heartbeat and your work out distance. AND link it to your phone. Surely the extra money is worth it?

8. Post workout treat

Finally, as it is Christmas after all, why not grab some of these protein treat options for a quick snack without the guilty feeling?

Hope this is super helpful in your quest to get the fitness fanatic her favourite present.

Merry Christmas!

Suzie x

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